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    It’s hard to build a fast growth company. We know. We’ve grown two from $0 to $1Bn+ valuations. Along the way, we had to invent a lot from scratch.

    Monkeybusiness is our project to organize and share the best advice from the best entrepreneurs — so you too can stand on the shoulders of giants. Let us know what you need to know. And welcome to the jungle.

    meet the monkeys

    Dan Yates

    Dan Yates

    Dan was the co-founder and CEO of enterprise software company Opower. He led it through a $1Bn+ IPO in 2014 and its sale to Oracle in 2016. Opower saved more than 13 terawatt hours of energy, making it the largest US residential clean energy company at the time. Prior to Opower, Dan co-founded Edusoft, which he later sold to Houghton Mifflin. Dan graduated from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science.

    Thomas Kramer

    Thomas Kramer

    Thomas was the CFO of Opower, where he managed its IPO and later its sale process, which garnered a 50% premium to market price. Prior to Opower, Thomas was the co-founder and CFO of enterprise SaaS company, Cvent. Cvent went public in 2013 and subsequently sold to Vista for $1.6Bn in 2016. Thomas holds a master’s degree in Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

    Rachel Weller

    Rachel Weller

    Rachel is a health and science writer who wrote for the National Institutes of Health and various medical journals. She married Harry in 2003 and logged thousands of hours listening to him coach the entrepreneurs of his portfolio companies –- once from a raft lost at sea –- and hopes to make permanent some of Harry’s ideas and mentoring vision. Rachel graduated from Vanderbilt with a degree in 19th Century English Lit.

    Henry Weller

    in memory of Harry Weller

    Our closest friend and mentor, Harry Weller was an exceptional venture capitalist. A leader at New Enterprise Associates for nearly 20 years, he helped bring dozens of companies to market. At 46, he was taken from us much too soon, but at a happy time in his life and career.

    Harry saw how much the time his entrepreneurs spent learning the subtleties of high-growth management. To help, he created a library of his own materials. Many of our favorites featured an imagined company he called Monkeysoft.

    monkeybusiness is our way to continue what Harry started.

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